New York City, Day Four


Day four! After having brunch (recommendation: Schnippers, located in the NY Times Building) we headed to the Rockefeller Center. On our route we passed the Radio City Music Hall and the NBC Studio’s. And although the buildings are nice, the photos I took aren’t all that. Therefore I am showing you the one below instead. The building is just next to the Radio City Music Hall and NBC Studios and offered an interesting view for a photo (well, in my opinion anyway :)).

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New York City, Day Two


Day two of our trip in New York had arrived! We decided to start our day by walking to Times Square which was only a couple of blocks away (sounds American enough? :)) from our hotel. The previous day our guide told us we should visit it once during the day and once at night (like any other self respecting tourist would do). Times Square is packed with people and there are brightly illuminated signs everywhere.

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