Deeper underground


No matter how many times you visit Budapest, it never gets boring. 🙂 There’s always something (new) to be seen, a place to go or simply enjoy the city as it is.

There are the obvious sites you have to visit as a tourist. And they’re not all above ground. The Budapest Metro system is one of those nice surprises the city holds. Line 1 (M1) and 4 (M4) especially. My idea was to ride the Metro and take some photos while doing so.

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Crossing the Bridge (Twice!)


Unfortunately I had to fly back home last Sunday. But because we wanted to show the little one to the family in Budapest and have a night out in town we arrived in Budapest on Saturday already.

With family members around to watch Iván we could escape for a couple of hours and enjoy the buzz of a Saturday night in Budapest.

After having dinner we went for a short walk by crossing the river Danube using the Széchenyi Chain Bridge (one of Budapests landmarks).

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Greetings from Croatia!

Last year we combined our holiday in Hungary with a visit to Vienna. This year Adri suggested we could drive to Croatia from Hungary and spend a couple of days there. She had been there before and really liked it. I must admit I didn’t immediately warmed up to the idea. But after checking some pictures and reading more about it that quickly turned around and I was suddendly really looking forward to go there .

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