In The Army Now

Adri’s brother works in the army. During our holiday in Hungary there happened to be an open day at the base he works. So when we were asked to have a look there we couldn’t refuse. There were a lot of kids activities organized as well. So this would be a nice day to go out and bring Iván with us.

This being the logistics regiment, a lot of vehicles were on display. You could climb in and have a look. Basically one big playground (kids and adults)!

Some face paint applied like a real soldier. No better person than your own uncle who is in the army to do this. That uncle also comes in handy when you need a better view btw. And luckily there were ballons to complete the outfit!

A couple more photos to end this post with. As you can see Iván had the time of his life! Especially since the army was serving ice cream!

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