Four Seasons In One Day


Two days actually. And one night. We were back in Budapest for the weekend on the 9th of January. And not just any weekend. I planned the whole trip as a surprise. A surprise that came with a ring and I am happy she said yes!

I took her to the airport where she quickly guessed we would be flying to Budapest. Asking where we would have to go next I only told her that we would have to get to the Chain Bridge. Once we got out the metro and started walking to the bridge I told her we would be spending the night at the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace and this time it wasn’t a joke.



Our room for the night and the place where she said yes to become my wife.





To celebrate our engagement, and as another surprise, I made reservations at Spoon the Boat Restaurant. We were planning to have dinner there since I basically know her. So I knew this would be the perfect restaurant. Tasty food, a beautiful view (especially across the table) and nice wine. A perfect start of the evening.





To finish the day and as a last surprise I asked her friends to meet up with us after dinner and join us in celebrating the occasion. Waking up the next morning in a room with a very nice view.



Thanks everyone for making this an unforgettable weekend!

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