Monkeys, Apes and Primates

Back on the road with the Canon for a change. Time to try out the Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM Lens some more. One of the reasons for buying this lens was to have a little more reach than what I was having. A Zoo is one of those places where those extra mm’s come in handy. A perfect place to see what this lens can do.

The Apenheul is one of the best Zoo’s that you can find here. Or at least I think so. Especially if you like monkeys. But that goes without saying I guess. It never gets boring to see them roam freely between the visitors or even climb on top of you.

I still had to get used to this lens a little (and perhaps the Canon again). And the really harsh light at times didn’t help either. But it was about getting to know the lens better first of all. And I think some shots even turned out OK.

At times the 100mm wasn’t long enough to get up close to the subjects. Which is why you see a lot of photographers walking around with (nice shiny white) telephoto zoom lenses. But I like this environmental shot with Jambo (the gorilla) as well for example. Not everything has to be up close suddenly. 🙂

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