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Colors of Rome

We did quite a lot on our first day in Rome. A lot more than the previous post would suggest perhaps. Rome is just an awesome place to be. So much to see and do. I didn’t want to mix black and white with color this time. So I’ve created another post. No bright blue skies perhaps but instead some cloudy skies that actually softened the light and brought out the ‘pastel’ colors of the city even better. There were a couple of raindrops every now and then but nothing serious. And a little bit of rain actually adds some magic to it all.

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Feels Like Rome

And that’s because it is! Beautiful Rome. We made it. A city that was high on our list for quite a while now. In late november we finally managed to visit this amazing city. We had 3 nights to spend and enjoy it to the fullest. We knew the weather would be a risk. But luckily we only had rain the last day. And the amount of tourist were definitely a lot less compared to spring or summer.

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This is blog post number hundred! One hundred blog posts! ONE HUNDRED! 100! Can you believe it? I certainly can’t! It’s quite a milestone. And what a better way to celebrate it with the arrival of Sinterklaas and his Pieten. Last Saturday Sint-Nicolaas arrived from Spain. And that’s always a big festivity here in The Netherlands. Children (and parents) are excited about the toys and candies he brings. Iván and Simon dressed up as Piet for this special occasion.

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Monkeys, Apes and Primates

Back on the road with the Canon for a change. Time to try out the Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM Lens some more. One of the reasons for buying this lens was to have a little more reach than what I was having. A Zoo is one of those places where those extra mm’s come in handy. A perfect place to see what this lens can do.

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As a kid I loved Pat & Mat. Now, years later, my own son is watching the episodes over and over again (thanks to Netflix). And honestly I don’t mind it at all. I still enjoy watching Pat & Mat and seeing them solve their self-made problems. It’s hugely entertaining to me. We like them so much that we even went to the cinema and theater to see them. We are clearly in that phase now. 🙂

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A Sunny Day In The Efteling

Blue skies and sunny weather. Last Sunday was mother’s day in Hungary. We thought it would be nice to take my mother in law to the Efteling and show her this magical place we’re always talking about. Especially nice this time of year because of all the flowers that are blooming.

We were a little afraid it would be really busy due to the school holiday. But luckily it wasn’t that busy and we could even do all the rides we had planned. Happy mother’s day!

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