Budapest – Two

A full day in Budapest. The sun was out and it was going to be a nice day! Budapest is amazing. We decided to walk towards Heroes’ Square (Hősök tere) and start from there. I love to roam the streets of Budapest. The buildings and streets are amazing. There’s always something happening. The summers are nice and hot. Just a great place to be. Shooting with my new favorite setup. The X-E4 with the 16mm attached.

Located next to the Heroes’ square is the City park. Which has been given some kind of make over. Recently (this year) they opened the House of Hungarian Music. It’s free to enter and it’s nice to have a little walk inside. There’s also a playground with some musical equipment right next to it. Perfect for children (and adults).

Also located in the park is the Vajdahunyad Castle and the Jaki Chapel. From there we walked back to the Heroes’ Square again to take a metro to the Deák Ferenc square. Adri had another appointment so we split up for a short while. I made my way to the Danube and then to the St. Stephen’s Basilica and the streets around it.

A few hours later me and Adri met up again and made our way to the Millenáris Széllkapu park. This is also fairly new (opened in 2020) and I hadn’t seen it yet. Huge recommendation should you ever visit Budapest. After a walk in the park it was time for (Igen) pizza and go back to our Airbnb. Plans to make some shots of the Opera at night were skipped. Especially since it started raining. Our legs could use some rest anyway. They would be put to work again the next day!

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