Race Cars and Castles

First post of 2018. But probably it should have been the last of 2017. Let’s hope 2018 will be more manageable with photo editing and blogging. When visiting Balázs and Csilla in Germany last November there was an small exposition about Schumacher. The entrance was free and the drive not too long. After having a rainy day (full with drunk people due to the start of Carnaval) in Cologne the day before we gave it another chance and headed for Marburg.

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Easter Eggs And Currywurst

Adri’s cousin and his wife moved to Germany four years ago. During these four years we met up in Hungary and Holland but not yet in Germany. We decided Easter would be a good time to change that and see where they are living. We got into the car and about 3 hours later we arrived in Kreuztal, Germany and were greeted by Balázs and Csilla.

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One Day Holiday in Heidelberg, Germany


Less than a day actually! We arrived at night and left by the end of the next morning. One day is way too short but unfortunately we didn’t have more time. But I am sure we’ll go back one day and stay a little longer.

This time we drove back by car from Hungary. Since it’s quite a drive from Hungary to Holland we thought it would be nice to stop in Heidelberg for the night. We always wanted to go to Heidelberg because Adri used to study there and really liked the place. She was also curious to see how the city looked after all those years.

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