Lake Balaton, Pákozd and Budapest

We’ve spent the last few summers in Hungary and this year was no different. But we managed to mix things up a little again and visit a couple of different places. Of course, lake Balaton had to be included. We rented an apartment for a couple of days. Enjoying the heat and the water. A perfect start of the holiday!

Our next stop was the village of Pákozd to visit family that has moved there. We had some awesome burgers and made a trip to the lookout tower of Bence-hegy (with a view over Lake Velence), visited the National Military Memorial Park (an important place to learn about the Hungarian independence war in 1848) and ended the day at the Miskahuszár Statue. And most importantly enjoyed the company (and tour guide qualities) of Sanyi and Andi!

After our last visit to Budapest in May, we wanted to go back with the boys and show them around the city a little as well. Normally we only stop there for a day or so visiting family and meeting up with friends. But this year we planned a couple of extra days in Budapest. Giving us some time to enjoy the city together with the kids. And that’s exactly what we did!

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