Monkey Business

Over here (and by here I mean The Netherlands) there are no monkeys living in the wild. Some of you might think differently and will simply tell me to have a look at some of my friends and family members. 🙂

And although indeed some people might have a lot in common with monkeys, they’re not actually one (so I’ve been told).

So if you want to see some (real) monkeys here (yes, still talking about The Netherlands) you’re either stuck with Discovery Channel, browsing the internet or visiting a Zoo. And although Discovery Channel does a great job of showing monkeys, it’s much more fun seeing them in real life.

The Apenheul is probably one of the best places to go and see monkeys in their natural environment (again, I don’t inlcude family else birthday parties would have been a nice alternative). There are even areas in the park where you’ll find the monkeys (and other primates) roaming freely among the visitors.

This creates an unique experience for humans (and monkeys I’m sure). Below are some more shots to prove it. 🙂

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