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A Sunny Day In The Efteling

Blue skies and sunny weather. Last Sunday was mother’s day in Hungary. We thought it would be nice to take my mother in law to the Efteling and show her this magical place we’re always talking about. Especially nice this time of year because of all the flowers that are blooming.

We were a little afraid it would be really busy due to the school holiday. But luckily it wasn’t that busy and we could even do all the rides we had planned. Happy mother’s day!

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A Magical Day

Last weekend we finally managed to go to the Efteling again. The weather was a bit cold at times. But overall nice enough to be outside for a couple of hours. It was pretty busy so we skipped the long queues and just had a walk in the Fairytale Forest and enjoyed the merry-go-round. Just being there already brings a smile on our faces.

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A Few Shots From our Last Efteling Visit.


We still had some tickets left for another visit to the Efteling and it would be a waste not to use them. So two weeks ago we were back at the Efteling for another visit. It was a pretty busy day with longer queues at the rides as a result. But we were in no hurry and there’s plenty to see and do for which you don’t have to queue.

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