Slow Down, Brother

Amsterdam, always good to be back! It had been a while since our last visit. The last time we visited was even before the start of this whole pandemic. And because of that pandemic, tourism has been slow. Which was clearly visible in Amsterdam as well. There were hardly any tourists in the city. It looked like the city had slowed down, taking a little nap. Preparing itself for when things return to somewhat normal. And when they do, Amsterdam will be receiving its guest with open arms again. Leaving us with this memory of Amsterdam being a rather quiet place. Which will be, I’m pretty sure, hard to imagine when visiting the city again next time. 🙂

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Open Campus Day

On May 19th there was an Open Campus Day at PVH. PVH owns brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein. It’s also the place where Adri works. So it was a nice opportunity to see a little bit more of the company itself and the things they do. Truly a well organised day for young and old. With a Ferris wheel, face paint and lots of food and drinks. A live band playing and a visit to the top with a view over Amsterdam. I can see why Adri loves working there. 🙂

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Double Dutch: Kinderdijk and Amsterdam


Windmills, canals, tulips, cheese and wooden shoes. Add one or two more other items and you’ve pretty much get the picture what Holland is about. Or at least from a touristic point of view. 🙂

When friends and family that live abroad come over for a visit, we do our best to keep that reputation alive. So when Éva came to visit, we decided to combine Kinderdijk and Amsterdam in one day. A speed course of what The Netherlands is about so to speak. 🙂

First Kinderdijk. Once again we were back. Enjoying a walk and watching windmills.

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