Little Monkeys

Pentecost gave us an extra day off. We booked a cabin for the long weekend in Epe. Which gave us the idea to visit the Apenheul again. We always love to go there and see what the monkeys are up to. Including our own! There are about 35 different species of primate about half of which roam freely among the visitors. When entering the park you also get a free map where you can scratch a box every time you see one of the monkeys. It’s a nice scavenger hunt and our kids loved it (and so did we).

I decided to bring the TCL for the X100S. It hardly gets used (ever) and I thought those extra mm would come in handy. Basically converting the camera to an equivalent of 50mm. Still not the obvious choice for shooting at a zoo probably. But it did make for a good portrait lens. Sharpness is good and the colors are wonderful (of course the gorgeous light helped). The bokeh seems a little harsh at times though. But I definitely will be using this conversion lens more often.

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