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Catching Some Sun in Girona, Spain

We planned visiting my cousin in Spain since it had been a while. Looking in our agenda’s we eventually came up with October. Instead of visiting their house they offered using their apartment in L’Estartit, which is a small town and seaside resort on the Costa Brava. To make things easier for ourselves we also rented a car. We had visited Barcelona a couple of times but hadn’t seen much else of Catalonia. We arrived on Thursday afternoon and decided to visit Girona on Friday. The Catalonia independence situation luckily didn’t cause any problems.

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5 Days at the Lake

Again, I was falling behind with editing the photos. But I’m slowly catching up and that means I have some more images to show as well. I haven’t been shooting much lately either unfortunately. Life is busy! But life will always be busy. 🙂 And actually that should be an extra motivation for picking up that camera. Something to look back at and keep track of all the things that are happening.

Last time when we were in Hungary we booked an apartment at lake Orfű. Just to get some of that holiday feeling and spend some time with just the four of us. The apartment was great and had everything we needed. A swimming pool, a playground, bicycles, games (badminton, fuzboll) and more. Plus a stunning view over the lake!

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Sisi and Schnitzel

Holiday finally arrived! Unfortunately when writing this blog post it already ended again and we’re back to business as usual. Hungary was great and we fully enjoyed our time as a family there. We went by car and arranged a sleepover with friends in Vienna. It had been 6 years since our last visit to Vienna. So we were excited to visit the city again and more importantly catch up with our friends which we also hadn’t seen for a while.

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Weekend at Texel

Texel is the largest and most populated of the ‘Waddeneilanden’ (Frisian islands). I always wanted to visit at least one of the islands but somehow never got to it. And Adri already mentioned a couple of times as well that we should visit Texel. So when looking around for places to go for our short baby moon we pretty quickly decided that Texel would be a good option. We booked the hotel and the ferry and before we knew it we set foot on the island last week. It was pretty cold and off season which meant it was pretty calm on the island.

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