Back to the Future


I found my time machine and it goes by the name of Asahi Pentax K1000. Ever since I’m getting more into and reading about photography I’m dying to start shooting film. Just like the old days. Back to basics. I think it will help me to develop my skills and hopefully get me to the next level. But most importantly, it will be just a lot of fun. I’ll keep you posted here about my whereabouts as I move along back into the analog world. After all there’s a part II and III in this series. 😉

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Happy Kingsday!


Today is the day to dress up in orange and celebrate the King’s birthday and go crazy. Being half Dutch this little fellow understands what it’s all about. :)

Happy Kingsday to all of you. Enjoy the party!

Small town. Rich history. Willemstad.


The Dutch like to spend their Easter Monday outside the house in a traffic jam towards shopping malls, theme parks, DIY stores or Ikea. Although consisting out of a mixed company of Dutch and Hungarians we decided to be no different. Having a guest around the house for the Easter weekend we eventually decided to visit Willemstad. Luckily for us the rest of Holland didn’t finish their Easter brunch yet. Giving us a time and space to explore this little town. On arrival the town still looked pretty much a sleep.

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Winter Wonderland


First post of the year 2015 on this blog! We’re one month on the way and I hope everybody is doing great! Winter has arrived and some real snow has actually fallen this winter.

To celebrate our anniversary me and Adri had a weekend to ourselves. Having slept in a castle (Ter Worm) we woke up the next morning in a landscape covered with snow. Since the temperature had dropped quite a bit we figured we better skip a city trip and visit the Efteling instead (and continue the fairy tale). Making this post somewhat an extension of the last one. :)

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Fairy Tales And Such (Plus a Wide Conversion Lens)


A quick blog post about my first impressions using the WCL-X100. The WCL-X100 is a wide conversion lens for the FUJIFILM X100 (and up). Since the return of our trip to Paris I added it to my wishlist in the hope of getting it one day. Not knowing my wish would come true that fast. Adri got me the converter as a birthday present (and it wasn’t even my birthday yet!). This way I could use the converter already during our visit to the Efteling.

The WCL-X100 gives you a 28mm equivalant view and attaches directly on to the camera. This can easily be done by simply removing the front ring (or adapter ring and lens hood). The converter comes with a lens pouch and front and rear lens caps. It matches the quality of the X100S and integrates perfectly with the camera. It looks fantastic as it uses the same materials, textures and colors as the existing X100. I wanted the black version instead of the silver one. Just for kicks. :)

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Oui oui Paris!


Finally we had a weekend in Paris. We had been looking forward to this trip for a long time. First and foremost to enjoy the city together. But I also wanted to take some photos while we were there of course. It’s such an iconic city and the birthplace of street photography. The city with its architecture, streets, avenues and people is just screaming to get photographed.

Instead I ended up with a lot of “meh” photos. How come? There are the famous iconic landmarks that have been photographed a zillion times by every tourist on the planet. Trying to get some original shots there isn’t the easiest thing. Street photography itself is not easy. The fear of shooting strangers in the streets and the realization this was the place and time for street photography added to the pressure of “making it happen”. Nevertheless some shots from our weekend in Paris below.

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