One Day Holiday in Heidelberg, Germany


Less than a day actually! We arrived at night and left by the end of the next morning. One day is way too short but unfortunately we didn’t have more time. But I am sure we’ll go back one day and stay a little longer.

This time we drove back by car from Hungary. Since it’s quite a drive from Hungary to Holland we thought it would be nice to stop in Heidelberg for the night. We always wanted to go to Heidelberg because Adri used to study there and really liked the place. She was also curious to see how the city looked after all those years.

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Deeper underground


No matter how many times you visit Budapest, it never gets boring. :) There’s always something (new) to be seen, a place to go or simply enjoy the city as it is.

There are the obvious sites you have to visit as a tourist. And they’re not all above ground. The Budapest Metro system is one of those nice surprises the city holds. Line 1 (M1) and 4 (M4) especially. My idea was to ride the Metro and take some photos while doing so.

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Bonjour Brussels!


Here’s another post about Belgium. One day difference between visiting Ghent and Brussels. One month difference between blogging about them. :) But here it is!

After having spent the day in Ghent and the night in Vilvoorde, we headed for Brussels the next day. Brussels is the capital and largest city of Belgium and has been a major center for international politics. What’s also interesting is that the city is bilingual. Both Dutch and French are used there.

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Antwerp: Churches and Other Stuff


You can hardly call it abroad but that’s what Belgium is. :) Less than two hours driving and you’re there. At least from where we live. Because it’s so close we thought it would be a nice idea to go there and let Éva have a taste of Belgium and see what Antwerp is like.

Taking the X100S for the trip and an attempt to document the city. Having it set to aperture priority with a minimum shutter speed of 1/125th I let the camera do it’s work. Using the exposure compensation dial where needed.

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Double Dutch: Kinderdijk and Amsterdam


Windmills, canals, tulips, cheese and wooden shoes. Add one or two more other items and you’ve pretty much get the picture what Holland is about. Or at least from a touristic point of view. :)

When friends and family that live abroad come over for a visit, we do our best to keep that reputation alive. So when Éva came to visit, we decided to combine Kinderdijk and Amsterdam in one day. A speed course of what The Netherlands is about so to speak. :)

First Kinderdijk. Once again we were back. Enjoying a walk and watching windmills.

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