Holiday in Hungary


Another trip to Hungary last month. Time to meet up with family and friends again. So we jumped into the car and started the long drive. About 19 hours later (luckily it went faster on the way back) we arrived save and sound in Hungary. After a good night sleep and a proper breakfast, we were good to go again and ready for the days ahead.

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A Short Story About a Long Walk (in Breda)


The Day of the Castle is held every year on Whit Monday. Castles, Country estates and ruins open their doors to the general public. We decided to use this opportunity and have a look at some of the places that are normally off limits and enjoy a day in the city of Breda. Many activities for young and old were organized. The city also has a long history connected to the House of Nassau which was also celebrated at this day. Pictures were taken with the X100S using the WCL-X100 to have a wider angle.

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Back to the Future


I found my time machine and it goes by the name of Asahi Pentax K1000. Ever since I’m getting more into and reading about photography I’m dying to start shooting film. Just like the old days. Back to basics. I think it will help me to develop my skills and hopefully get me to the next level. But most importantly, it will be just a lot of fun. I’ll keep you posted here about my whereabouts as I move along back into the analog world. After all there’s a part II and III in this series. 😉

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Happy Kingsday!


Today is the day to dress up in orange and celebrate the King’s birthday and go crazy. Being half Dutch this little fellow understands what it’s all about. :)

Happy Kingsday to all of you. Enjoy the party!