Antwerp: Churches and Other Stuff


You can hardly call it abroad but that’s what Belgium is. :) Less than two hours driving and you’re there. At least from where we live. Because it’s so close we thought it would be a nice idea to go there and let Éva have a taste of Belgium and see what Antwerp is like.

Taking the X100S for the trip and an attempt to document the city. Having it set to aperture priority with a minimum shutter speed of 1/125th I let the camera do it’s work. Using the exposure compensation dial where needed.

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Double Dutch: Kinderdijk and Amsterdam


Windmills, canals, tulips, cheese and wooden shoes. Add one or two more other items and you’ve pretty much get the picture what Holland is about. Or at least from a touristic point of view. :)

When friends and family that live abroad come over for a visit, we do our best to keep that reputation alive. So when Éva came to visit, we decided to combine Kinderdijk and Amsterdam in one day. A speed course of what The Netherlands is about so to speak. :)

First Kinderdijk. Once again we were back. Enjoying a walk and watching windmills.

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(Mirror)Less is More? FUJIFILM X100S


I love my Canon gear and will not depart from it anytime soon. But I was looking for something that would be less heavy to carry around, could still provide excellent image quality and would offer more than just a simple point and shoot camera.

For a while I already had my eye set on the FUJIFILM X100 and was interested in getting one. Although it had its quirks, most people seemed to love this little camera. Not only the camera itself was praised but also Fuji’s involvement. Firmware updates kept on coming to improve the camera. Then the X100S came out and this camera had even better reviews. Reading those reviews, I knew this was the camera I wanted to add to my collection.

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Crossing the Bridge (Twice!)


Unfortunately I had to fly back home last Sunday. But because we wanted to show the little one to the family in Budapest and have a night out in town we arrived in Budapest on Saturday already.

With family members around to watch Iván we could escape for a couple of hours and enjoy the buzz of a Saturday night in Budapest.

After having dinner we went for a short walk by crossing the river Danube using the Széchenyi Chain Bridge (one of Budapests landmarks).

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Haarlem (Yes, With Double A)


Haarlem is a city in the Netherlands and capital of the province North Holland. Thanks to Peter Stuyvesant it’s also known as a neighborhood in New York City (Harlem, Manhattan). :)

Haarlem had been on the list of cities to visit for quite a while now. Adri had been there already, I hadn’t. I definitely wanted to see the city once and Adri wanted to go back to have another look. We decided it was a good day to put this plan into action last Saturday. Not really having been into Harlem, NYC we at least should make it to Haarlem, North Holland. :)

We loaded the stroller into the car (including diapers, baby formula and of course the little one himself), grabbed the X100S and drove to Haarlem.

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