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Waiting For The World To Change

The last weeks have been exciting! It’s been three weeks already since Simon was born. He kept us waiting a little longer before finally deciding to show up, but it was well worth the wait! 🙂 We’re really happy that we can finally hold him in our arms and that he is part of our family now.
Iván has been an amazing brother so far and we’re really proud of him how he’s taking care of Simon already.

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The Month Of February in 15 Photos

February has almost come to an end and quite a lot has happened again. We celebrated Iván’s 3rd birthday. We had Katja and Maya from Germany visiting us for a couple of days. We had another trip to the Efteling finally. The weather brought us snow but also sunshine. And we even managed to squeeze in a little bit of carnaval festivities.

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Summer break arrived. Halfway September we could finally enjoy our short summer holiday. Spending a week in Hungary to catch up with friends and family and share the news about the pregnancy. This time we flew from Rotterdam Airport to Budapest where Gabi was waiting for us. We got into the plane, made ourselves comfortable and enjoyed the fact we were on the road again!

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